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Bardcorp empowered – Happy Earth Day!

solar panels

Happy Earth Day!

Bardcorp is celebrating Earth Day today with our recent switch to a clean, green energy source to power our factory.
Bardcorp is pleased to chip in for the planet by switching to commercial grade solar power.
Our Dandenong South factory roof is now covered with 242 solar panels installed by Sun Connect.
The 63kw system uses a trio of Fronius inverters to create energy from light and reduce our carbon footprint.
Harvesting sun via solar panels enables our forward-thinking business to contribute to the electricity we need to run our many bottle printing machines.

solar team

Cheers to the Red Dragon on the Green Bottle

Greg with Chartreuse Paris 2015 for web      Drac de Sant Roc poster 2015

Bardcorp managing director Greg Bardsley has just visited the home country of Chartreuse liqueur. He’s holding one of the commemorative Chartreuse green cocktail shakers that Bardcorp recently printed for a Spanish festival.

These Australian-made plastic bottles are now on their way from France to Catalonia in Spain for Santa Tecla, a major festival held annually in September to celebrate the patron saint of the city of Tarragona. As the printing on the shakers say, Chartreuse is la beguda de les festes (the beverage of the festival), and has been so for over 100 years. The red dragon printed on the bottle (and on the festival poster) is celebrating an anniversary; Drac de Sant Roc has led the Santa Tecla street procession for the past 30 years.