• solar panels

    Happy Earth Day! Bardcorp is celebrating Earth Day today with our recent switch to a clean, green energy source to power our factory. Bardcorp is pleased to chip in for the planet by switching to commercial grade solar power. Our Dandenong South factory roof is now covered with 242 solar panels installed by Sun Connect. […]

  • dog wash-peppermint-and-rosemary-1

    The naked containers that arrive here at Bardcorp leave our factory resplendent in their owners’ colourful printed designs. We’d like to share their stories with you! Share the post “Welcome to the Bardcorp Blog” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail

  • blogpost

    Bardcorp printed Chartreuse green on 14,000 bright yellow cocktail shakers destined for export to the French company for its anniversary celebrations this year. Share the post “Green Chartreuse in Print” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail