Our capabilities

If you can read it on paper Bardcorp can reproduce it on a bottle or jar.

Print quality

Our highly skilled and vastly experienced staff is trained to operate the best in
European-engineered equipment to produce outstanding print quality.
We expertly match our inks to the colour specified and using a strict quality assurance program we make sure they do not drift away from specification.

Graphic reproduction

Our exact printing process means we can reproduce text down to a point where it is barely legible and still keep clearly defined letter shape.

This is particularly relevant when lengthy ingredient lists are required on small bottles or jars. Screen printing is particularly important for pharmaceutical, personal healthcare and cosmetics products – vital ingredient lists on an adhesive label can be easily scratched, scuffed and peeled off when wet.

Lead times

Sometimes it can feel like a very long time from the first germ of an idea to seeing your product on the shelf.

Artwork needs to be designed, product formulated and various regulations met. Bottles need to be blow moulded and closures tested.

Following screen printing is the filling line and then quality control clearance before the product is released to enter the retailer’s distribution chain. Finally, your product appears on the shelf.
At Bardcorp Container Printing our lead times are typically one to two weeks from receipt of your final artwork and delivery of bottles.

This represents only about 5% of the total time to market for a product, highlighting how quickly and efficiently we can screen print your containers.

On time delivery

We are proud of our incredibly quick turnaround times.  We are also proud of the way we stand by our commitment.

So, if we say the job will be finished in 10 days it will be, but if something causes a delay we will keep you informed.

We can also save you time and money by quality controlling the container stock you supply for printing.

Local service for price and value

Imported printed bottles may seem like a quick-fix cheap solution but consider the benefit of working with a reputable local company to print your brand:

  • it will be ready promptly
  • it will be a quality product
  • it will look great

You can be involved in the whole process, and by working with a local company you will get immediate customer service and not be delayed by dock deliveries.

Bardcorp’s printing services are competitive with off-shore printing when all costs are considered, including development time, shipping costs, duties and delays.

And the next time you order, your product will look the same as the first time you ordered because we keep the details of your artwork and colours on file, ready to go when you say so.