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  • Frequently asked questions with Bardcorp Pty Ltd Managing Director Greg Bardsley

Why is Bardcorp Container Printing the best choice for my brand?

  1. reliable, fast service with competitive prices
  2. accurate, quality screen printing
  3. experience and reputation for great results
  4. all of the above

How many colours can you direct screen print onto a container?

There’s no limit really, it comes down to cost. From one to eight is the norm.

What run size do you do?

Bardcorp’s typical run size is from 5000 to 100,000. We do smaller quantities than 5000 but, depending on the container, we may need to charge a set-up fee.

What surface can you print on?

Rigid packaging materials, including glass and all sorts of plastic: HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, polypropylene (PP).

What about aluminium?

Yes, we can print on aluminium.

Can you supply the containers?

Yes. We have a great relationship with many top quality blow moulders in Melbourne and we are happy to source bottles on your behalf.

Do you screen print on T-shirts? Plastic bags?

No. Just containers.

Do you print on drink bottles and other promotional materials?

Yes, we screen print company logos and brands onto plastic sports drink bottles, cocktail shakers and other containers. Brands we have printed include Fila, VicHealth, Milo Cricket, Chartreuse, Midori, NBL basketball teams, AFL merchandise, Gatorade, Coca Cola, Rugby World Cup and the ATP World Tennis Tour. Bardcorp Container Printing also prints on promotional carabiner sunscreen tubes. We even decorate pigs; Bardcorp did a special run for Australian children’s hospice Very Special Kids by printing onto pink plastic piggy banks.
We are open to your promotional container printing suggestions!

How do you direct screen print on bottles and jars?

Each container has custom tooling to enable it to spin in our specialised machines using the registration feature (the small indentation) at the base of the bottle or jar. This registration system ensures accuracy and consistency in printing.
The containers are pre-treated to enable inks to adhere and UV curing sets them immediately so they are smudge-proof. We can print three colours at a time. More colours means more runs through the machine. Images can also wrap around the container.

How does the barcode get printed on a product?

Our customers register an EAN barcode which is then produced and incorporated into the artwork.  Bardcorp will advise you on its scanability as there must be sufficient contrast between the barcode and the background. On some container products a white panel may be required.

What artwork do I need to supply to get my brand printed on a container?

Send through a pdf of your design first. We will look at it, finalise the quote and suggest any changes to the size or layout of the artwork.
Once this has been done our preferred format for graphic files is either Vector EPS or Adobe Illustrator AI files with colour separation, one mask for each individual colour.  These can be suppled in a press-ready pdf.